Helpful Tips to Speed up Any Custom Apparel Order

Helpful Tips to Speed up Any Custom Apparel Order

Helpful Tips to Speed up Any Custom Apparel Order

Between submitting a custom apparel order and shipping out the final garments, there are many factors that can affect when you or your customer will receive their order. While a company’s standard turnaround time is based on in-house factors such as setup, art time and production time, you still play a huge role in determining how quickly the order will be scheduled for production. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that you or your customer receive their order as soon as possible.

Order Submission & Confirmation

Each and every order begins with a purchase order. Submitting a clear and accurate purchase order is important. Make sure to provide as much information as possible regarding quantity, garment colors, imprint colors and requested in hands date. If possible, also provide your final production artwork with your purchase order. Once all information is received, an order confirmation will be sent to you for your approval. Your order will not proceed without your approval.

Green Light: Review the order confirmation for accuracy, if everything looks good, confirm the order via fax or email as soon as possible. This will send your order to the next step in the order process.

Red Light: Forgetting to confirm your order could make the difference between your customer receiving their apparel on the requested in hands date and them receiving it late, as your order will not proceed without it.

Artwork Submission

 After you have approved your order confirmation and if you provided your final production artwork, the art team will start to create a digital proof reflecting the details of your order.

Green Light: Providing production ready artwork will save you money in art time, as well as ensure that your order will move to the next step swiftly. This means providing a file that is in a vector file format for screen printing or a properly digitized art file for embroidery.

Red Light: While a full-service art team is available to help, please keep in mind that art creation takes time and will require additional art fees. During this time, they will either recreate the artwork or have the embroidery design digitized.

Artwork Approval

Once the art team has your final production-ready artwork, they will create a digital mockup of the order and include either your artwork or a picture of the embroidery sew out for your approval.

Green Light: Once you receive your digital mockup and final artwork, check the sizing, placement, and colors. Make sure to approve or express any changes you want to be done as soon as possible. Doing so will allow your order to be scheduled for production once the apparel arrives.

Red Light: Your order will not be scheduled for production until your artwork has been approved and will be delayed if approval is not received in a timely manner.