How to Create and Utilize New Company Designs

Use a Professional Graphic Designer

When creating a design for a company, organization or event, using a professional graphic designer is crucial. It is a great idea to research potential designers and find one that has previous work matching the style of design envisioned.

When submitting an idea to a designer, make sure to include any ideas and expectations for the final image. This includes any phone numbers, email addresses or any small details that should be in the artwork. This will ensure that there is no discrepancies between the original idea and the final image.

Memorable, Original, but Not Confusing

It’s important for the image to be original, but still make sense to the target audience. The design should include a clear portrayal of the company’s unique personality and persona, grabbing the attention of the audience at the same time. This can be done by having a bold design that “comes alive” on the garment. These type of designs are generally considered the most effective and tend to be the most memorable in a potential customer’s mind.


For example, consider a plumbing company seeking a new design for company t-shirts. Creating a design that involves a dripping faucet can lead to all sorts of creative ways to use this design on a t-shirt. Gel Inks, which are used to simulate liquid, can give the water droplets a realistic look, making the image stand out amongst a crowd.


On average, a design will have less than 5 seconds to make an impression on a target audience. While a bold design needs to catch the audience’s attention, it also needs to be simple enough to for them to gather the information they need to in that 5 second window. Keep the design uncluttered, and highlight the company information throughout to showcase what the target audience should take away.

A design should also be created with a company’s branding in mind. A company’s brand can be a combination of the logo, verbiage, font, colors, personality and many other elements. It’s important to keep this in mind when a design is being created. For example, a design created to appeal to children will not have the same crisp and professional look to it as a law firm. These two companies have very distinct target audiences they are trying to capture and their colors and designs should reflect that.

toys-r-us law-firm

Share the New Design

Sharing a new design is extremely important for businesses and organizations. This is especially true for those looking to revamp old designs. Be sure to use the updated design on everything. Update any email taglines, social media, company letterhead, business cards and apparel. Businesses and organizations are recognized by their designs. Having one universal design will eliminate any potential customer confusion when they visit a company’s website or utilize the contact information found in the design.


How to Create and Utilize New Company Designs

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