4 Helpful Tips for Creating the Perfect Promotional Apparel

Everyone can agree that getting promotional apparel is an enjoyable and exciting experience. It’s even better for the businesses giving them away because of the promotion that comes along with it. That is, if the overall design of the apparel is appealing and the customers want to wear them. Listed below are 4 important tips to consider when creating perfect promotional apparel.

Professional Designs

Having an eye-catching, well-designed logo is by far the most important tip on this list. Give the potential customers something that will grab and keep their attention when they’re out in public and see someone wearing promotional apparel. While keeping it eye-catching, avoid overly “busy” designs. These busy designs tend to look distorted at a distance, leaving the customer’s eyes confused at what they are looking at.

Natural Word Flow

In the United States, it is natural for people to begin reading left to right and top to bottom. Keep this in mind when creating a design. Also, make sure any sentences in the design are in standard sentence case. Increasing the font sizes of specific words or phrases may distort the message they are trying to send to the potential customers.

Simplified Contact Information

Most of the time, these potential customers will spend less than a minute looking at someone wearing promotional apparel. So, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for people to jot down or memorize a company’s contact information. One example of this would be to keep the company’s website URL as short as possible. The best website URL’s to utilize are ( with no abbreviations or other altercations to the company name. This makes it easier for the potential customers to contact the company since they will only need to memorize the name to reach out to you. With phone numbers, separate the three distinct groups of digits by dashes (###-###-####). This will provide the potential customers with a natural flowing phone number that will be easier to memorize.

Legible Text

When creating a design or promotional apparel, avoid using cursive and/or smaller font sizes as they can be difficult to read from a distance. This is especially true for those with not-so-great eyesight. The contact information should be in an easy to read, fairly large font and roughly 2 inches high in size. This will allow the company’s contact information to be recognizable, but without overwhelming and taking up too much of the design.

4 Helpful Tips for Creating the Perfect Promotional Apparel

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